Goals of the Serbian Society for Microbiology

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The Society has a multidisciplinary character, presenting microbiology as a combination of the science and practice.

Our goal is to continue to gather and to work with microbiologists from different institutions and areas including medicine, pharmacy, food technology, biology, genetics, ecology, veterinary medicine, biotechnology, phytopathology and many others.

Our goal is to build a remarkable presence of the SSM in the FEMS, and to revive the magazine “MICROBIOLOGY”.

In 2017 and 2018, the Serbian Society for Microbiology underwent statutary transformation towards integration of all medical and non-medical microbiologists in the country in one society.

In 2018, following the sucesfull transformation process, the Society retains the infrastructure of the Serbian Society for Microbiology-SSM, all existing signs, as well as memberships in the FEMS and the Balkan Association of Microbiologists. At the same time the Society will take an active part in all the joint programs of ESCMID and FEMS.

Two sections have been formed to represent two integrated Societies. Joint management with a balanced participation of the representatives of both sections promotes balanced management and the approach to the professional and organizational development of the Society.

Ciljevi Udruženja Mikrobiologa Srbije